Sunday, May 17, 2015

So Thankful For Crafting

I truly am so grateful for Crafting! About 8 years ago my friend Jane helped me release my inner crafter.
I had no idea how my world would open up. Jane helped me learn that handmade treasures to share with others was an amazing thing to do. And to do it all with genuine love for those who are on the receiving end. Well that's where the real joy is. The friends I have made and all I have learned is invaluable. I love all my crafting friends!

I enjoy knitting, quilting, and paper crafting! Who knew at 50 I would love to color! Less than a month ago I posted some Sherri Baldy images I had colored on the My-Besties designs Face Book page. To my delight I was contacted by Deirdre Smith. Deirdre is Sherri Baldy's Design Team Coordinator for Sherri's personal blog. Long story short, I was offered a position on Sherri Design Team. Which brings me to this moment in time. Blogging... It was never on my list of things to do. But Deirdre supportively suggested that my own blog was an important thing to do. So here I am.

The fact is that I would not have this opportunity if it wasn't for another friend I found through crafting, Janette. Janette and I met through knitting, but that's story for another time. One day Janette shared the cutest images she had found, The Besties by the artist Sherri Baldy. That was the start of my desire to color with Copic markers. The Besties images are so stinkin adorable.

I am beyond grateful to Jane, Janette and all the amazing crafters I have the pleasure of knowing! Most of all I'm thankful for my husband of 25 years Jon. He loves and supports all that I enjoy doing! I am truly blessed.

I am looking forward to sharing crafting ideas that have inspired me. Techniques I have learned along the way. But most of all I am looking forward to learning from all of the amazing crafters out there. I'm hoping this is a gateway to meeting you and enjoying your time and talents.

Happy Crafting,



  1. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful person. Beth is a very special person and a wonderful friend to many. She is a kind and gentle person with many talents. Sometimes God sends "special" people into our lives and Beth is one of those people. She spreads love, joy and peace everywhere she goes and to all she meets. I am so glad that so many of you crafters out there will get to know her. She will be so embarrassed by this comment, but I don't care, I am proud to call her "daughter"! I love you Honey.


  2. Thanks so much Mom. Your kind words mean more than I can express!
    Love you!