Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Creative Fun

I enjoyed putting together this project using this cute " Bestie" image from Sherri Baldy. Her images can be downloaded from her Etsy shop; Just click here.

So fun! Skin and Hair can Challenge me but when I am working with these cute images it hard to get too upset when I mess up.

The skin colors I used.

Hair colors.

I ended up darkening her hair quite a bit. After I finished her clothing. I used way too much ink. Practice, practice, practice!! In my opinion when coloring hair I do much better when I let the color dry before I move to the next color. They don't get "muddy" or too blended that way.

I was able to use lots of odds and ends with this project. Yeah me!

The notebooks are from Walmart sold in packs of 3. Similar to Moleskine but more economical. The thing is I can only find them when it's Back to School time. So stock up if you find them.

As always, questions and comments are always welcome! I hope you enjoyed this notebook project. I know I will be making a few more to put in my gift closet. Always nice to have a few treasures made in advance for unexpected gift giving. 

Thanks for visiting, and until next time,
Happy Crafting!


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